Deportation Defense


A deportation—a.k.a. removal—is when the United States government undergoes a legal process in order to remove a non-citizen from the U.S. based on certain criteria. The deportation process may begin as a result of the alien violating an immigration or criminal law.

Unfortunately, if you are an alien and are deported from the United States, you may lose the right to ever return. This can be absolutely devastating to your life and the well being of your family. The deportation process is full of lengthy hearings that can be overwhelming for an individual, especially since multiple hearings are had before an immigration judge.

But just because you are being charged with deportation does not mean you should lose hope. As a legal alien in the country, you have constitutional rights that can be defended to help challenge the deportation.

Rest assured that the immigration lawyer at Square Law Group has what it takes to defend your rights. If you are being charged with deportation, you need to contact us today at (956) 518-9490.

Who Can Be Deported

Understanding your legal classification as an alien is important to understand whether you can be deported or removed. Individuals may be subject to removal if:

  • They are in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act or any other U.S. law.

  • Violated their nonimmigrant status.

  • Assisted another alien to enter the country illegally.

  • Was fraudulently married to gain admission into the U.S.

  • Was conviction of certain criminal offenses.

  • Engaged in unlawful voting.

  • Engaged in an activity that endangered public safety.

  • Engaged in an activity that created a national security risk.


This is by no means a complete list of all the activities that can place an individual at risk of being deported or removed. It is vital that you seek legal guidance from a qualified deportation law expert in order to better understand your own case.

How Square Law Group Can Help Your Immigration Case

We understand that life can be challenging for many individuals and that circumstances outside of your control may lead to a charge of being legally removed from the United States can arise at any moment. However, it is important to recognize that a “sad story” is not sufficient enough to keep you here in the country.

As with any immigration law-related charge, it is absolutely essential that you obtain the representation of a qualified attorney to protect your rights and defend you from deportation. At Square Law Group, our immigration lawyer will thoroughly review your case and the specifics surrounding your situation in order to find any weaknesses or unlawful actions in the prosecution’s case.

Our immigration attorney can help by:

  • Arguing that the charge is false by using credible evidence.

  • Highlighting your legal citizenship to stay within the U.S.

  • Seeking a petition for asylum or a withholding of removal.

  • Requesting for an adjustment of status including obtaining a green card.

  • Submit a request for Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

  • Guide you through the application for cancellation of removal for a permanent resident or non-resident.

Preventing a deportation or removal requires a thorough knowledge of immigration law. Give yourself a fighting chance by contacting Square Law Group today at (956) 518-9490.