Family Based Applications


At Square Law Firm, we know just how important family can be. But perhaps even more important is keeping that family together. Our immigration law attorney is experienced in providing family-based applications and immigration, and is more than ready to utilize his knowledge and skills to determine the best option available for your family.

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Types of Family-Based Visas

There are a number of family-based visas that are provided to the family members of U.S. citizen or permanent residents. Immediate relatives are eligible for family-based visas and include spouses, parents, and children. Preference relatives applies to other relatives such as married or unmarried sons and/or daughter over 21 and brothers and/or sisters of U.S. citizens.

Visas are available for:

  • Parent of a U.S. citizen

  • Child of a U.S. citizen (born outside the country)

  • Adult son or daughter of a U.S. citizen who was an immigrant

  • Child of a permanent resident

  • Adult son or daughter of a permanent resident

  • Stepchildren

  • Adopted children

  • Children born out of wedlock

  • Spouse of permanent resident

  • Brother or sister of a U.S. citizen


Immediate relatives do not face waiting times for visa availability while preference relatives can face long waiting periods.


In order for a relative to qualify for a family-based visa, certain requirements must be met including:

  • Sponsoring relative must file a petition on behalf of qualifying foreign relative.

  • Form I-130 must be completed for each immediate relative being sponsored.

  • Sufficient and legally rendered documentation is needed to verify relationships.

  • An affidavit of support is generally required.

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