Immigration Bond


Non-citizens that violate U.S. immigration law—like illegal entry into the country, overstaying their visa, or committing particular crimes—may be detained by the government. When this occurs, non-citizens may have the right to obtain an immigration bond in order to be released from detention.

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What is an Immigration Bond?

An immigration bond is an assurance bond used to secure the release of an immigrant living within the United States from federal custody. There are various types of immigration bonds include:

  • Deliver Bond – Bond paid upon the delivery of the immigrant. This is the most common of bond types.

  • Public Safety Bond – Bond securing that the alien will not become a public charge.

  • Voluntary Departure Bond –  This bond is established on the condition that the charged alien with willing depart.

  • Order of Supervision Bond – This bond stipulates that the alien must check in with Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) whenever required.

With an immigration bond, the non-citizen can continue on pursuing their case without being detained. The fundamental purpose of an immigration bond is to ensure that immigrant appears at all court meetings, and if a final order of deportation is issued, then the person ordered to leave the country complies accordingly.

Factors Determining an Ability to Obtain an Immigration Bond

Immigration bonds are not widely available to everyone. If a person ends up qualifying for a bond, the amount is set by an array of different factors that can get quite costly.

In determining whether a detainee will be allowed an immigration bond, the court analyzes:

  • Whether the individual is a “flight risk” (whether they will return to court).

  • Whether the individual poses a “danger to the community.”

  • The individual’s criminal history.

  • Employment.

  • Ability to pay for an immigration bond.

  • Families ties within the U.S.

  • Community involvement and reputation.

  • Your immigration status and history.


Your expert team at Square Law Group will gather all the necessary evidence and documents to address these factor to ensure that you are given an improved chance of obtaining an immigration bond.

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